I had been transferred to a new area early in my career and, in order to feel like part of the community, I became involved with the Moose club among other clubs that focused on community projects like fundraisers, etc. In the process, I met a group of employees that worked for a large local company and I fit in very well with them. It so happened that a large development project landed in this company and a complete tool room was to be added.  This was exciting to me, of course, because I was to have the opportunity to bid the projects and with my contacts felt I was in the best position for a successful bid. (I almost counted it.)  I delivered the quotes to the buyer, a man whom I had met, but didn’t know.  His left-hand comment, “A donation in my top left-hand desk drawer would assure your success of a PO#.”, (still being a virgin in sales) went over my head.  After digesting the comment, it became evident what it meant. Now my honor and integrity were being challenged.  Where do I go with this? I talked to my associates in the company about my encounter. They were appalled and took me to the president of the company.  Long story short, they baited the hook and a trap was set in place. The crook took the bait and used his same line and was promptly discharged. My sinker was that no matter how good I felt about my character and integrity, I didn’t get the order!  That was an awkward and unfortunate situation, however, in 50 years, I’ve only experienced 2 like situations.  In my opinion, that makes for a pretty honorable industry and am proud to be part of it.