It was the mid to late 1960’s and I was a young toolmaker embarking on a new career in machine sales. I received a call from a company wanting to buy a new punch press. Never having called on the company, this new lead filled me with a mixture of excitement, enthusiasm and fear. I already knew a great deal about presses having been a toolmaker from a company with many punch presses. However, I wanted to make a good impression and be prepared for any question that I might be given. I spent my last half hour in their parking lot studying and memorizing every single spec and feature for the machine that I would be quoting. In I go, armed with volumes of information. I felt confident that I could answer any question he could throw my way. Pete took me into his office and after a few minutes of niceties his first question was one that I couldn’t answer. It stopped me in my tracks. I would never have guessed he would want to know the answer to – What does this press weigh? What I didn’t know is that back then, many machines were purchased based on weight. The lesson wasn’t too costly. It hurt my pride, but I made the sale.